Pack Meeting Agenda Template
You can find the pack meeting agenda template here: Pack Agenda [...]
Pinewood Derby resources
A folder of Pinewood derby resources, including table placards, Derbynet Excel templates, and more can be found here: You will need to sign in with your email address. [...]
Cub Scout Skits
Looking for the Cub Scout skits? Click here: Cub_Scout_Skits [...]
Cub Scout Songbook
Looking for the songbook? Click here: Cub Scout Songbook [...]
Scouting Terms and Titles
There are a lot of titles, terms, and phrases in Scouts. This list was submitted by our unit members. Heard a term or read a title and not sure what [...]
BSA Brand Center – Advertising Terms and Conditions for Pack Use
The following PDF printout comes from the BSA Brand Center as displayed on 14 September 2022. The PDF covers the Terms and Conditions of Use for BSA Brand Center content [...]
Welcome New Cub Scout Family!
Welcome to our pack! We are happy to have you on board.  You can find our Welcome Parent’s presentation here: We have a higher-level overview from Scouts National, which [...]
Outdoor Ethics Award (and how to earn it)
Scouters, your scouts (and you) can work towards earning the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award. To help scouts and scouters track their progress, you can use my modified 430-063: This [...]
CitiSci (Conservation Good Turn opportunities)
Leaders, here is a great FREE tool that will help you integrate public science projects with Conservation Good Turn opportunities. In 2007, a group of researchers were looking for a [...]
Leave No Trace Youth Educator Library
Leave No Trace education can be fun and meaningful! These free resources come from our most popular curricula. We’re always working on something new, so check back often for fresh [...]