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Den Chief Training
From A Den Chief is a Scout, Venturer or Sea Scout assisting a Cub Scout den. But the story is far more important than those words suggest as the [...]
Guide to Safe Scouting 34-416 (February 2022)
From Scouts BSA: All participants in official Scouting activities should become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting and applicable program literature or manuals, and be aware of state or local [...]
Program Hazard Analysis – 680-009
From the document: This evaluation process is used to systematically identify, assess, and resolve hazards associated with program activities that support the vision, mission, and goals of the Boy Scouts [...]
Pause Before You Start Your Activity – 680-046
Attached is publication 680-046, the Safety Pause. You can download the safety pause resource, which is suitable for printing, here: Safety PAUSE – 680-046 Pause before your start Assess possible [...]
Age Appropriate Scouting Guidelines – 680-685
This document lists the activities and ages in which scouters can participate. This is a mandatory must-follow document from Scouts BSA and is re-posted on the Troop website for quick [...]
Pack Meeting Agenda Template
You can find the pack meeting agenda template here: Pack Agenda [...]
Pinewood Derby resources
A folder of Pinewood derby resources, including table placards, Derbynet Excel templates, and more can be found here: You will need to sign in with your email address. [...]
Cub Scout Skits
Looking for the Cub Scout skits? Click here: Cub_Scout_Skits [...]
Cub Scout Songbook
Looking for the songbook? Click here: Cub Scout Songbook [...]
Scouting Terms and Titles
There are a lot of titles, terms, and phrases in Scouts. This list was submitted by our unit members. Heard a term or read a title and not sure what [...]